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10th Bösendorfer and Yamaha USASU International Piano Competitions

 January 3-8, 2023


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5th Bösendorfer and Schimmel USASU International Piano Competitions

Bösendorfer Competition

Ronaldo Rolim

First Prize: Ronaldo Rolim, Brazil

Anastasia Dedik

Second Prize: Anastasia Dedik, Russia

Konstantin Soukhovetski

Third Prize: Konstantin Soukhovetski, Russia/USA

Schimmel Senior Competition

Anthony Giovann Tamayo Illescas

First Prize: Anthony Giovann Tamayo Illescas, Mexico

Kevin Ahfat

Second Prize: Kevin Ahfat, USA

Min Joo Yi

Third Prize: Min Joo Yi, The Republic of Korea

Schimmel Junior Competition

Tristan Teo

First Prize: Tristan Teo, Canada

Phoebe Pan

Second Prize: Phoebe Pan, USA

Gabrielle Chou

Third Prize: Gabrielle Chou, USA

Special Awards

The Sangoung Kim Special Award for the most outstanding performance of a virtuoso piece in the Bösendorfer Competition:

Vladimir Gligoric

Vladimir Gligoric, Serbia

The Sarra and Emmanuil Senderov Award for the most outstanding performance of a composition by a Russian composer:
Ronaldo Rolim

Bösendorfer Winner: Ronaldo Rolim, Brazil
Tristan Teo

Schimmel Winner: Tristan Teo, Canada

The Yehuda Meir Award for the most outstanding artistic performance of an etude by Chopin:

Anastasia Dedik

Bösendorfer Winner: Anastasia Dedik, Russia

Phoebe Pan

Schimmel Winner: Phoebe Pan, USA

The National Society of Arts and Letters Award for the best Arizona Competitor in the Bösendorfer competition:

Chris Rice

Chris Rice, USA

The Young Artist Committee award for the best AZ pianist in the Schimmel competition:

Joey (IanJoe) Chang

Joey Chang, USA

Competition Dates

January 9–15, 2011


Baruch Meir, Chairman
Aleksandar Serdar
Michael Christie
Ilana Vered
Sofya Gulyak
Tamas Vesmas
Robert Hamilton

* Final Round