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11th Bösendorfer and Yamaha USASU International Piano Competitions

January 6-12, 2025

11th Bösendorfer USASU International Piano Competition (ages 19–32)

Entry Form

Application Procedures

Competition applications must include all requirements listed below and be received online by Monday, Nov. 4, 2024. Any application received after this date will not be accepted. Applications received without payment by the due date will not be considered.

All applicants must use the above official competition entry form to enter the competition.

The application form must be submitted online with accompanying materials.

All applicants must fill in the online registration/payment form through the AVENTRI system. An Application fee of $200 (U.S. dollars) can be paid online through the AVENTRI system at that time (Visa or MasterCard only).

Results of the preliminary recording round will be posted on the competition website.

Competitors admitted to the semi-final round need to arrive in Tempe by (date to be announced).

Changes in the repertoire will not be allowed after (date to be announced).

Each entry must be accompanied by:

  • Proof of age: a photocopy of one of the following
    • birth certificate
    • passport
    • driver's license
    • government-issued photo ID).
  • A list of concertos performed with orchestra (if applicable).
  • YouTube or YouKu recording links pasted into the online application form and titles with the complete titles of each of the pieces performed.. Be sure your videos have the proper settings: VIDEO MANAGER → videos → Basic Info → from the dropdown menu (please choose "Public" or "Unlisted" instead of "Private"). It is your responsibility to make sure your recording links are working.
  • Recent color photograph in a high-quality 300 dpi jpeg format.


1st prize

$15,000 David Katzin Award and gold medal

A recital at Oracle Piano Society Signature Series (Including $1500 honorarium and accommodation).

A professioal studio recording at Yamaha Artist Services in New York City.

2nd prize

$10,000 Phyllis Chiat Award and silver medal

3rd prize

$5,000 Amar Master Award and bronze medal


*All prize money is subject to US tax laws.

Special Awards

One $250 award for the best performance of a piece by a BIPOC or female composer.

Mary Jane Trunzo Audience Favorite Award of $1,500 will be selected by the audience from among the Bösendorfer Stage Final Round participants.

One $1,000 award will be given for the best performance of a work composed by a French composer.

Sangyoung Kim Award of $1,000 will be awarded for the most outstanding performance of a virtuoso work (Ahwatukee Health and Recovery).

Sarra and Emmanuil Senderov Award of $500 will be awarded to the two most outstanding performances of a composition by a Russian composer.

Yehuda Meir memorial awards of $250 will be awarded to the two most outstanding artistic performances of an etude by Chopin.

One $1,000 award will be given for the most outstanding Arizona pianist, sponsored by National Society of Arts and Letters Arizona Chapter.


Note: *All prize money is subject to US tax laws.

Repertoire Requirements

  • All works must be performed by memory (including preliminary round recorded audition).
  • Repertoire from the preliminary recording may be repeated once in any of the live competition rounds.
  • Any changes to an applicant's submitted program must be communicated to the competition committee no later than Dec. 9, 2022 and are subject to approval.
Preliminary Round (20–25 minutes)
  • YouTube  OR YouKu recording links of the applicant's free choice repertoire with an obligatory performance of a first movement from a sonata by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven or Schubert. Links can be recorded separately and they do not have to be from one recording session or location.
Semi-final Round (20–25 minutes)
  • One virtuoso etude by Chopin or Liszt
  • Free choice repertoire
Final Round (45–50 minutes)
  • One complete work of the classical period by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven or Schubert
  • Free choice repertoire covering at least one other style period

Rules and Regulations

 General Information

Bösendorfer and Yamaha USASU International Competitions are open to pianists of any nationality. The age-qualifying date for all categories is Jan. 1, 2023.

  • Bösendorfer USASU International Competition, ages 19–32.
  • Yamaha USASU International Senior Piano Competition, ages 16–18.
  • Yamaha USASU International Junior Piano Competition, ages 13–15.

Former first-prize winners of the Bösendorfer/Yamaha International Piano Competitions may not re-enter.

Competition performances

All performances are open to the public.

The Bösendorfer USASU Competition will consist of three rounds:

  • Preliminary Recorded Audition
  • Stage I: Semi-final round
  • Stage II: Final round

All solo performances will be held at the School of Music, Dance and Theatre at Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, Jan. 6-12, 2025.

The order in which competitors perform will be determined by drawing lots. The order of works to be performed in any of the rounds may be determined by the competitor.


Semi-final competitors who do not advance to the final round will have the opportunity to meet with members of the jury to discuss their performance.

The jury reserves the right to not award all prizes. The first prize of each category cannot be shared. Other prizes may be shared at the discretion of the jury. The decision of the jury is final and is not subject to challenge or any review. The committee reserves the right to make changes to the jury panel.

Jury members will disclose any information about competitors who have studied with them in the past five years or who are going to study with them following the competition. Jury members will be asked to recuse themselves, when appropriate, in order to maintain the integrity of the voting process. Jury members may also elect to recuse themselves from voting for any competitors due to personal or professional reasons.

The Young Artist Committee chairman, and the president of the competition will resolve any unexpected situations that may arise in the execution of these guidelines.

Winners' Concert and Awards Ceremony

All winners must attend the winners' concert and ceremony. Participants are encouraged to plan on staying in town until Jan. 12, 2025.

Prizes may be subject to tax, according to U.S. tax laws in effect at the time of the competition. Awards will be mailed to prize winners approximately two weeks following competition.

The program of the competition final concert will be decided by the competition jury.

Travel and accomodations

Foreign competitors are responsible for obtaining their own passports and visas. Competitors should contact the nearest American Embassy or consulate for advice.

Competitors must pay their own travel expenses to/from Tempe, Arizona. A limited number of competitors may be accommodated with volunteer families in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Priority will be given to competitors with financial need arriving from overseas.

Competitors requesting a host family accommodation should indicate that on their application forms with the understanding that the competition may or may not be able to place them with host families. Tourist demand for hotel space will be high during this time, so competitors are urged to make hotel reservations to assure finding a room. There are many hotels located within close distance to the university (it is advised to look for a hotel within zip code 85281).

Results of the preliminary round will be posted on the competition website by early December 2024.

Selection of pianos and practice facilities

Competitors in the semi-final round of the Bösendorfer competition will be able to choose from two Bösendorfer grand pianos: Model 290 (Imperial) and Model 280 (9').

Bösendorfer and Yamaha grand pianos will be available throughout the competition for a limited number of practice hours per day for each competitor at the Arizona State University Herberger Institute School of Music, Dance and Theatre. Other reserved ASU practice rooms with grand pianos will be available as well.


In the course of their careers, prize-winners may not undertake to claim to have won any prizes other than those they have actually been awarded.

The competition has the right, without being obliged to pay any form of remuneration to either competitors or their managers, to:

  • Commission radio, television, video and film recordings and/or images of all the performances.
  • Produce and sell CDs, DVDs or video of all the performances, either in part or in their entirety or to commission third parties with the production and sale thereof.